Credit: Dave Chidley / The Canadian Press

Much is made of the phenomenal talent displayed by teenage golfers, and rightly so.  What is often forgotten are the toils and tribulations of what one might refer to a ‘journeymen’ (or ‘journey women’ if you prefer) golf pros.

The recent Manulife Classic win by Germany’s Caroline Masson is an example of how dedication to the cause is often, albeit infrequently, rewarded.

In her victory speech she is quoted as saying ” I’ve been out here for a long time. Four years is a long time. I’ve just gotten better every year, working hard.

And that pretty much sums it up… hard work pays off.  As a professional sportsperson you are playing for money; it’s your job, your career path.

As many of us can testify we don’t always pick the right career path but if you do commit to pro golf then you do so in the public glare.

There are many who fall by the wayside due to money woes and recurrent injuries.  Even the most successful are plagued with the latter afflictions. Korea’s leading player Inbee Park has been sidelined with a thumb injury and the high profile Michelle Wie has been known to sport so many band-aids that she starts to resemble an Egyptian mummy.

So it is little wonder that Caroline Masson  had a tear in her eye when she said “It means so much“.

How many of us would wait four years for a pay day? Even if it came with a Rolex watch.



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